Serious Garden Bundle: The Ultimate Seed Bank, Herb Seed Bank, 3- Compost Tea, Garden Planner

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Serious Garden pack: Bulk Seed Bank, Herb Seed Bank, Compost Tea, Garden Planner


Humble Seed's Serious Garden Pack bundles: The Producer Bulk Seed Bank, Uncle Herb's Favorites herb seed bank, (3) packages of compost tea and a garden planner help you get started. (36 packs of fruit, vegetable, and herb seed- All non-gmo and all savable seed)


 The Producer Bulk Fruit and Vegetable Seed Bank:

The Producer Vegetable and Herb Seed Bank is an excellent investment! It’s a must for your community garden, bug-out bag, or to shelve until needed. The Producer Vegetable and Herb Seed Bank is equipped with 26 varieties of non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds (savable seed), including many certified organic and/or heirloom varieties as well. The Producer seed bank offers some of the highest germination rates compared to that of other seed companies. All seed is packed within triple-layered, Mylar® envelope with a heavy duty zip-lock seal. This superior packaging acts as a barrier to both moisture and light- ensuring that your seeds remain fresh until planting. The zip-lock feature allows you to plant some seed now while saving some for later. Your Producer will ship within an FDA approved food-storage container. You’ll be confident in knowing that your seeds are protected from any possible chemical leaching that may occur with PVC, unsafe plastics, or other cheap storage materials you may find with other seed banks. The compact container (perfect for your bug out bag or for refrigerator storage) is also water and rodent proofHumble Seed has spared no expense in protecting and preserving your investment! Approx. 26000 seeds per kit.

Retails: $99.99 ($3.85 per pack).


Seed varieties / counts:

Amazing Cauliflower: 50

Antohi Romanian Frying Pepper (heirloom seeds): 60

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (heirloom seeds): 9000

Bulls Blood Beet (heirloom / organic seeds): 300

Costata Romanesco Zucchini (heirloom seeds): 50

Crimson Sweet Watermelon: 60

De Cicco Broccoli (heirloom seeds / organic seeds): 600

Double Standard Corn (organic): 125

Eden's Gem Melon (muskmelon): 45

Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard: 800

Lancer Parsnip: 700

Marketmore Cucumber (organic): 200

PIC 714 Green Romaine (organic): 800

Purple Top White Globe Turnip (organic): 4500

Red Express Cabage (organic): 400

Red Saladbowl (organic): 3200

Rosa Bianca Eggplant (heirloom / organic seeds): 75

Rose Tomato (heirloom / organic): 75

Scarlet Nantes Carrot: 3000

Sweet Granite Cantaloupe Melon (organic): 60

Tavera Green Bean (organic): 200

Tuffy Acorn Squash: 45

Washington Cherry Tomato (organic): 75

White Spear Bunching Onion (scallion): 1700

Yankee Bell Pepper: 60

Yellow Crookneck Squash (organic): 75


Uncle Herb's Favorites:

If you are a cook then Uncle Herb's Favorites Herb Seed Bank will become your favorite source for fresh and flavorful herbs. Ten great varieties of non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds are packaged in re-sealable Mylar® bags that make growing now or later both convenient and economical—seeds stay fresh in between plantings and you can save hundreds off of your grocery bill while having a steady supply of fresh herbs just a few steps away. Approx. 3500 seeds per kit.

seed varieties / counts

Bouquet Dill: 150

Bronze and Green Fennel (Organic): 150

Common Sage: 100

Cumin: 150

German Winter Thyme: 500

Greek Oregano: 1500

Purly Chives: 300

Santo Cilantro: 200

Superbo Basil: 200

Titan Parsley: 200

Retails: $27.99 

Haven Brand Natural Brew Compost Tea:

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Compost Tea is a premium soil conditioner that is harvested fresh from the pastures of Haven Ranch. Moo Poo Tea, as it is fondly referred to by gardeners everywhere, is sun-dried cow manure that is hand-packed in 100% eco-friendly teabags. This natural tea conditions the soil so your plant’s root systems can better absorb nutrients, thus helping to ensure your plants reach their fullest potential. The palm-sized bag measure 4” x 2.2” and is odorless.

Retails: $21.00 for 3-pack

Humble Seed Garden Planner:

A must for every gardener! This clever slide chart has a variety of features; from showing the critical frost dates in your specific region, to when to plan your important gardening events. In addition, by pulling the chart open, it reveals the planting depth, distance between rows, and the distance between plants after thinning for 22 different popular vegetable varieties. Furthermore, by flipping the chart over – gardeners can access fall and spring planting information so that you can enjoy the benefits of a garden all year round.

Retails: $7.00